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De Huizenprinters are proud to present the final result of years of development: a full scale pavilion that satisfies all the requirements the consortium set out to reconcile from its start in 2017:

  1. Architecture that is set free from the constraints imposed by conventional construction techniques.
  2. Material efficiency addressing what is arguably the most pressing issue of our times, the need to reduce our global footprint.
  3. An open source tool chain allowing for further development and open design to be contributed by third parties.
  4. The prospect of building at reduced cost and processing time.

In 2017 a proof of concept was completed with a printed park bench. Since then various challenges presented themselves in robotics, mortar recipe, extrusion technology, topological design and assembly. Progress on these topics has been shared in a number of Bouwkoppel conferences that unfortunately came to a pause in the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the end result will be presented in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on 20 May 2022.

Program 20 May 2022

13:00 Welcome
13:30 Introduction: scaling up a proof of concept and construction challenges
14:15 Pavilion reveal and printing demo
15:00 Printing in practice: lessons learnt and Q&A
16:00 Drinks


Kanaaldijk-Zuid 1-01
5643 TZ Eindhoven

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