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De Huizenprinters has been developing an open source 3D concrete printer since 2016. In 2017 a proof of concept was completed with a printed park bench. Our next step will be to print a tiny house. We are developing open technologies and are eager to share these with others.

During a series of Bouwkoppel conferences we present our current progress and invite others to exchange knowledge. Themes will include sustainability, freedom of form and design, robotics, concrete recipes and topological / parametric design.

Next up is Bouwkoppel#2, which will take place in Amersfoort on 28 February 2019


Bouwkoppel is a so-called unconference, which is formed by the collective contributions of participants. After signing up you will receive a confirmation email containing a link with which you can add a lecture, workshop, demonstration or another program part. Under "program" you can see the current line-up as it develops. Shortly before the event, the times and locations of the program parts will be set.